Food Intolerance: Fructan Intolerance, Can Enzymes Help? 

Fructans are beneficial carbohydrates with potent antioxidant effects that feed the beneficial gut bacteria that line the large intestine and colon. Fructans are carbohydrates found abundantly in many health-promoting foods such as grains, wheat, fruits, legumes, and vegetables.  So what happens when a client is having adverse reactions to fructan? 

The Therapeutic Use of Digestive Enzymes in Upper GI Symptoms - Heartburn Part 1

Over the counter medications for the symptoms of heartburn tend to focus on neutralising stomach acid. As a side effect, the pH of stomach acid is raised to above 3.5 rendering the digestion of protein, the absorption of minerals, and the neutralising of pathogenic microbes unlikely. 

Food intolerance or enzyme deficiency?

Food intolerance in the UK is increasing. Food intolerance most frequently manifests as a digestive disturbance or self-reported ‘allergy’ to food. It is estimated that approximately 30% of the UK population will report a negative reaction to food, but only 2% of the population will have a true allergy. [1] Food intolerance can be described as the body’s inability to accept a particular food or some of its molecules.

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